Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Use halFILE In Other Departments Within Your Organization!

Are you using halFILE to manage ALL your paper files? If not, you may not realize that halFILE is a comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) capable of managing all types of documents used in your daily operation, including accounting records, personnel files, legal files, and email, just to name a few.

The same halFILE product you currently use is being used in numerous other industries for various applications:

· State governments use halFILE for purchasing and accounting records.
· County governments use halFILE as the repository for filed county documents.
· Community colleges use halFILE to manage student transcripts and registrar information.
· Insurance companies use halFILE for managing policy files.
· halFILE is also used in the banking, energy and medical industries.

We use halFILE as a DMS for our accounting records, personnel files, client files and legal files. Before our office move in April, 2009, we eliminated 20+ filing cabinets by scanning and indexing the contents to halFILE and destroying the paper files. Now employees can locate and view documents from their desktop, eliminating the need to walk to the filing room to retrieve a file, and the possibility of losing documents or misfiling when returning the file to the cabinet.

There is no additional cost to use halFILE in other areas of your office. The only cost you may incur would be to set up a database specific to your needs. To encourage you to expand your use of halFILE in other areas of your office, for a limited time, we are offering to setup two popular databases for your use at no charge (approx 1 hour of time), or we can work with you to design a database to suit your specific needs.

We also offer other halFILE modules that you may not be aware of, such as email Collector, which manages email from any Outlook/Exchange email system in the same way as halFILE manages documents. Another halFILE module is Workflow, which provides a way for documents to be routed from user to user in a predefined path. Both these products are add on modules to halFILE and are available at an additional cost. Check our website at for more information on these products and many others available for use with halFILE.

If you are using halFILE solely as your title plant manager, then you aren’t recognizing the full value from your software investment. Eliminate some of those expensive filing cabinets and storage fees by scanning and indexing ALL your documents. Give us a call at 1-877-HALFILE (877.425.3453) to setup two databases at no charge, or contact your Imaging Sales Consultant, Dave Persful at 800.442.9273 or Kathy Taylor at 303.791.5688, to discuss how halFILE can reduce the paper use in your office.

We look forward to hearing from you!