Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Using halFILE in the Accounting Department

halFILE is used by hal Systems’ accounting department. If a client calls with a question about an invoice, we can search halFILE by the assigned client number, invoice number, or sales order number locating the information from our desks. From halFILE a copy of the paperwork can be e-mailed to the client. This saves time, paper, and postage.

Other documents scanned include journal vouchers, payable vouchers, cash disbursements, banking information, property and legal documents.

hal Systems is scheduled to be audited by the Texas Employment Commission in April of 2012. The auditor will pull documents up in halFILE for review. Without halFILE our staff would be pulling documents from file cabinets and then filing them after the auditor has finished reviewing them. If you have been through this “fun activity” you will understand how much more
efficient and independent the auditor will be. Less time will be required by our staff to supply the documents for the audit.

Consider the options of utilizing halFILE in your offices to scan documents in other departments. halFILE is extremely versatile. Call us and we will set up one database for you at no charge!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Benefitting from Prior Policy Files

We are always trying to reduce our operational expenses though a variety of methods but one application of halfile offers a unique method. Scanning of Prior Policy files obviously reduces storage space hence reducing cost but also provides starter files for previously closed properties. Indexing a GF file number into the plant with a legal description will yield a “hit” if the property is searched in the future. Depending on certain factors and what search rules are in place the amount of search time spent on the new file should be reduced. In talking with a halFILE customer recently they found that 75 percent of the time they found a previous file after a legal description search which greatly reduced their search cost. Granted this is an extreme case because they had their Prior Policies along with the files from the other Title Company in the County which they had purchased. Depending on the relationship with another title company in the County you might colloborate on a joint project to further enhance your efforts.

 Any previously searched property files are helpful in the search process and the ease with which the files may be found and viewed using halFILE is enormously valuable. Halfile eliminates the need to physically search for a file that might possibly have been misfiled. The Client also saved $ 18,000 by not having to move the gigantic filing cabinets used to store the files when they moved into a new office.

It will surely take a lot of dedication to implement a project such as this but in time you will certainly reap the benefits. A large number of halfile systems have been installed for this one application alone. One Client purchased the e.halfile Internet Module to search for Prior Policies all over a major metropolitan area. If you would like to begin scanning your old Prior Policies or have any questions then contact me at the Dallas Office.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CountyCashier and CeRTNA

hal Systems Corporation is proud to announce that CountyCashier 3.4 has a new module that interfaces with the California e-Recording Transaction Network Authority (CeRTNA) to facilitate the electronic recording of official records between government to government entities (G2G). The new system is currently running at one California County Recorder and it will be showcased at an upcoming User's Group meeting in northern California during late April. Instead of handling any physical paper in the recording process, the County Recorder is able to preview, accept or reject the incoming documents into the existing receipting process of CountyCashier. Once accepted and receipted, the documents are electronically stamped and returned back to CeRTNA through an encrypted internet port. The now stamped documents are automatically forwarded to a halFILE basket for further indexing and archiving.  

If you have questions, comments or need any additional information on CountyCashier, please contact Kathy Taylor at 303.791.5688 or via email at

Monday, March 05, 2012

ALTA Business Strategies Conference - 3/25-27

If you are attending ALTA this year, stop by booth #24 and say hi to Kathy and Dave. If you need more information on ALTA, check their website at

We hope to see you in Louisville, KY in March!

Leveraging Your Title Plant Investment

In a down economy such as ours, there are other ways to generate revenue for your company.  One easy way is to partner with us by putting your Title Plant records on our e-commerce site.  Over 1,000 users a month spend money at searching and viewing documents. 
It’s amazing, the diversity of people and companies wanting access to courthouse documents.  Banks, surveyors, attorneys, real estate professionals, oil and gas companies, Landmen and genealogists are all accessing  Counties with oil and gas activity do extremely well due to the large number of Landmen researching leases.

Probably the most valuable benefit from putting your records on is a backup for your own in house system.  If your system is down for any reason, you can always access your plant on-line at 24/7.  This is provided at no charge to you. Plus, there will always be a current backup to your Title plant.

Because our e.halfile software is superior to other similar sites, our users love us and are continually asking us to put up more counties.  So give us a call today and let’s start making money together.