Monday, March 25, 2013

halFILE Supports the Latest

We field a lot of phone calls from our clients asking about installing new workstations and servers. Sometimes it seems that everyone is replacing old, outdated equipment! The good news is that, while it is always a good idea to check with us, halFILE is structured in such a way that we usually support the latest Microsoft versions of SQL Server, Windows, and Windows Server.
  • We have halFILE running on Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise. We do not support Windows RT and we recommend Windows 7 Professional.
  • halFILE is running on SQL Server 2012
  • halFILE is running on 64-bit workstations and servers
All this is good news for you since the above is what is generally available on the market. And, with halFILE 4, we've rewritten our Crystal Reports interface to better support the latest Crystal Reports versions. We've also purchased blocks of Imaging for Windows 4.0 so we can offer you discounted prices on the halFILE Viewer for your new workstations.

Before you buy new hardward and software, you should be sure to check with your other software vendors to ensure they also support what you plan to buy.

Once you are ready to move to a new server, please give us a couple of weeks lead time so we can be sure to have someone available to assist you if needed. While our support time for assisting you with the installation of new computers and servers is billable, we will provide you, at no charge, some documentation of the steps involved with moving to the new computer or server. Some of this documentation is readily available in the Support section of